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Overdeveloped Trapezius Muscles

Sloped / Thick Shoulders

Looking in the mirror, we often think of improving our face and forget about our body shape. But a beautiful shoulder line can make you stand out in a crowd of good-looking women.

What is Trapezius muscle

Trapezius muscle is a triangle-shaped muscle that spans from the base of the neck down to the middle of the back, attaching to the scapula and collarbone. It helps shape the shoulder and connects the neck and shoulders.

The trapezius muscle helps our neck and shoulder. Overdeveloped trapezius muscles can lead to a thick shoulder and a sloped shoulder.

A sloped shoulder has a big angle (≥20°) from the horizontal plane to the shoulder line. This creates the illusion of a shorter neck and wider shoulder.


Overdeveloped trapezius muscles can cause a lack of a 90° shoulder feature, which can give the appearance of a short neck.

1. Rounded shoulder and hunchback

People with rounded shoulders tend to pull their trapezius muscles forward, resulting in thicker shoulders. This elongates the trapezius muscles and disrupts their balance, causing them to grow bigger and stronger.

2. Sloped shoulder

Sloping shoulders are common in modern society, showcasing unnatural thickness and trapezius muscle development.

3. Shoulder shrugging/prolonged bad posture

Poor posture, especially shrugging the shoulders, can cause muscle tension and develop bumps or knots over time. Common bad postures include hunching, slouching, and having a forward head. Maintaining tension in the trapezius muscle for an extended period can result in it becoming stronger and thicker, affecting our breathing and movement habits.

4. Improper usage of muscles

Improper lifting can strain the wrong muscles. When lifting heavy objects, girls may unknowingly strain their trapezius muscles if their arms aren’t strong enough. It’s important to be aware of which muscles are being used during daily activities or workouts to avoid unintentional training of the trapezius muscle.

Sloped shoulders are usually a genetic issue related to skeleton and muscle development. Exercise cannot fix it.


Shoulder fat deposits are usually smaller than other parts of the body. This means that having a thick shoulder can indicate overdeveloped trapezius muscles. To address this issue, the recommended treatment is shoulder slimming injections.

The Shoulder slimming injection offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic uses Type A botulinum toxin to treat muscles safely and effectively. This medical botulinum toxin was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1992.

How does Botulinum Toxin work

Botulinum toxin temporarily relaxes the trapezius muscles by blocking nerve communication, leading to a reduction in muscle size. This results in a more balanced shoulder line and slimmer appearance.


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