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Receding Chin / Short Chin / Protruding Mouth

The chin is vital to the lower face’s appearance and, along with the nose, determines the facial profile. Improving a weak chin can enhance the jawline’s definition. Aesthetic treatment is a common solution to improve an unbalanced or undefined chin.


A well-shaped chin is important for facial definition and symmetry. If the chin is weak, it can make the face appear unbalanced and the mouth protrude. However, this can be resolved by reshaping the chin and jawline. Note that protruding mouth or teeth caused by malocclusion cannot be corrected in this way.


Short Chin

To check if you have a short chin, measure the distance between your subnasal point and stomion point, as well as between your stomion point and the lowest point of your chin.
The ideal ratio of these two measurements is 1:2. However, if the ratio is lower than 1:1.7-1.8, then it’s considered a short chin. Women usually have a slightly smaller ratio.

Receding Chin

A receding chin is when the chin slopes back towards the neck and the lower jaw isn’t aligned with the upper jaw. It can be diagnosed by looking at the face.

Ideal Chin

The chin should slope slightly forward from the side and be aligned with the nose tip and lip tubercles. It should be defined and tilted 45° downward and forward to form a cleft chin.


Short chin and weak chin are common genetic traits among Asians. Only few of them are caused by malocclusion or protruding teeth.


Non-surgical chin augmentation is a sophisticated therapy that injects hyaluronic acid to reshape the chin and jawline for a more balanced appearance and improving the protruding mouth.

Hyaluronic acid offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic, is a natural substance found in tissues. It can be used as a filler in aesthetic treatments by injecting it into the skin to fill wrinkles or enhance facial features. There are no side effects, as it is naturally metabolized by the body. Repeated treatments are safe and offer long term results.

How does Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler work

Injecting thick hyaluronic acid at various spots on the chin can enhance and reshape it, giving it a more balanced and defined look.


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