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Hooded Eyes / Puffy Eyelids

Individuals with hooded eyes often exhibit excess fat content or skin that folds down from each eyebrow, causing the eyelids to be covered. This condition is commonly associated with puffy upper eyelids, thick upper eyelids, and smaller than normal eyes, which gives the impression of being sleepy and sluggish.


Three types of hooded eyes/puffy eyelids: fat-type, muscle-type, and aging-type.


Hooded eyes with a thick layer of fat tissue on the upper eyelids, also known as fat-type hooded eyes, are a commonly inherited type. As a result of the added weight on the upper eyelids, the eyes appear smaller than normal and the eye contours are lost. Individuals with hooded eyes often appear tired and lacking in energy.


The hooded eyes of the muscular type are less swollen than those of the fatty type. This is often due to the overgrowth of the orbicularis oculi muscles (muscles located in the eyelids) or the brow muscles. If it is accompanied by drooping eyelids, medical treatment is recommended.


As we progress in age, our skin undergoes an aging process, with the eye area being the first to exhibit signs. The loss of skin firmness, sagging of the upper eyelids, and accumulation of fat around the eyes become noticeable.


Hooded eyes may be acquired or inherited. Typically, this occurs due to the underlying fatty tissue in the eyelid region and surrounding eye area.

Thermage offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic, uses radiofrequency to heat the skin, which stimulates self-healing and promotes collagen formation and remodeling. This tightens, smoothens, and lifts the skin, resulting in re-contouring and slowing down aging. Thermage is FDA and CFDA approved for treating eyelids and restoring youthful eyes.

How does Thermage work

Thermage is a treatment that uses radiofrequency to heat up the skin to 65-75℃. This stimulates the self-healing mechanism which results in increased collagen in the dermis, resulting in instant firming and a reduction in wrinkles.


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