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Flat Bum / Saggy Bum

Want an S-shaped body? Don’t underestimate the importance of your bum size and shape. Rounded, curvy, full bums help create the desired contour. Aesthetic treatments can lift, sculpt, and build flat bums effectively.

What is Flat / Saggy bum?

Sitting too long can flatten or widen our bottom muscles, which are made up of 3 parts. Fat tends to store in this area, and regular exercise is needed to maintain a firm shape. A lack of exercise or proper posture can lead to a saggy, out-of-shape bottom.


Weak muscles in the buttocks can cause sagging.

1. Sitting down everyday

Sitting all day causes inactive bum muscles, leading to less volume and a flatter appearance. Additionally, fat may store in these areas resulting in sagging over time.

2. Smoking and drinking

Smoking, drinking, staying up late, and stress harm our health and affect our bum appearance. They decrease blood circulation and metabolism, leading to loss of muscle firmness and roundness in lower areas.

3. Bad eating habit

Obesity is often caused by consuming high-calorie and high-sugar meals, coupled with a lack of physical activity. This can result in excess fat that accumulates in the buttocks, causing a sagging appearance.

4. Wearing non-supportive knickers during exercise

Wearing unsupportive knickers while working out can damage your bottom muscles. Triangle knickers like bikinis, brazilian styles, and thongs do not provide enough support during exercise. This can cause the elastin fibers in your bum to weaken, leading to a loss of roundness and fitness.

5. Prolonged standing

Standing for too long can cause blood to pool in the legs and reduce blood flow to the heart, resulting in decreased oxygen at the bottom. This can lead to weakened muscle tone in the buttocks.

6. Bad sitting posture

Avoid bad sitting posture as it harms your back and changes the shape of your bum. Slouching on the sofa adds pressure on your back, restrains blood circulation, and lowers oxygen supply. Sitting at the front third of the chair shifts your body weight, which reshapes your bum in a positive way.


Sculptra is ideal for those who want subtle improvements and a quick recovery without surgery.

Sculptra butt lift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that enhances the shape of your buttocks. It uses an injection called Sculptra to boost collagen production in deeper layers of the skin.

How does Butt Lift work

A Sculptra butt lift boosts collagen production for a natural-looking fill, rather than adding volume outright like other dermal fillers. Multiple injections may be necessary over a period of weeks to months for optimal results.


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