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Dark Circles Under Eyes / Tear Troughs

Dark circles and tear troughs can make you look tired and are difficult to treat with skincare products. Aesthetic treatments can help improve them.


Types of tear trough

Types of Dark Circles

Vascular Dark Circle

Due to thin skin around the eyes, blood vessels show through resulting in pink or purple skin. Lack of sleep can cause the vessels to turn dark and appear greenish or bluish-red.

Find out if you have vascular dark circles:

Use your fingers to tap the dark circle, if the colour becomes lighter, it is vascular dark circles.

Pigmented Dark Circles

Dark circles can be caused by pigment accumulation in the skin and are often brown in color. Certain habits like excessive sun exposure, not properly cleansing the face, and rubbing the eyes can make them worse. They may also run in families.

Find out if you have pigmented dark circles: 

Brown skin appears on both upper and lower eyelids.

Structural Dark Circles

Shadow dark circles are caused by the anatomy of the eye socket, skin sagging, bulging bags under eyes, and tear trough. Uneven areas create shadows around the eyes that appear as fake dark circles.

Find out if you have pigmented dark circles: 

Face to a light source, if the dark circle becomes lighter, it is a structural dark circle.


Causes of pigmented and vascular dark circles

Causes of structural dark circles


Treatment plans for dark circles and tear troughs vary depending on individual circumstances and desired outcomes.

Thermage, offered by Skinspire Laser & Skin Clinic, uses radiofrequency to heat the dermis, stimulating the skin’s healing process. The result is tighter, smoother, lifted skin which slows down aging. The FDA and CFDA approve Thermage for eyelid tightening and smoothing.

How does Thermage work

Thermage is a radiofrequency treatment. The patented applicator will contact your skin and deliver the accurately set radiofrequency to the dermis and heat it up to 65℃ – 75℃. The high temperature will stimulate the self-healing mechanism. A large amount of collagen in the dermis will be regenerated, resulting in an instant firming effect and reduction of the appearance of wrinkles.


Who is it for

Tear Trough Filler, also known as TEOSYAL REDENSITY II, offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic is a safe and effective filler made by TEOXANE Laboratories in Switzerland. It has been approved by the CE and FDA. This hyaluronic acid filler treats both tear troughs and dark circles, giving immediate and long-lasting results.

How does Tear Trough Filler work

TEOSYAL PURESENSE REDENSITY II is specifically made to treat the eye area with minimal side effects. It contains hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, amino acids, and microminerals, all of which help nourish the skin, correct dark circles and tear troughs, and reduce fine lines. Its unique composition also prevents swelling, lumps, bumps, and the Tyndall effect.


Who is it for

A PRP treatment, offered by Skinspire Laser & Skin Clinic, extracts platelets and white blood cells from a person’s blood to inject into their skin. While PRP has been used for several medical purposes in the past, it has recently emerged as a proven and effective therapy to reverse the signs of facial aging, including wrinkles, sagging facial skin, and under-eye darkness and hollows. 

How does PRP work

Blood is taken from your vein and spun in a centrifuge to concentration the growth factors. Then, the solution is injected into your superficial dermis to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and scars, and treat under-eye darkness and hollows. Regular PRP treatment strengthens the skin’s defence system and restores a healthier, youthful, and stronger skin.


Who is it for