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Elephant Leg / Muscular Calf

Most people have leg fat, but it varies in amount. Running can sometimes cause muscular calves instead of reducing fat. Being inactive will only worsen the situation. What’s the best way to get rid of stubborn leg fat?

What is Elephant leg / Muscular calves

Having big thighs or/and big calves will make the legs appear fatter and shorter.

Elephant leg refers to legs that are big and lack definition, with the thigh and calf being about the same size.

Muscular calves refer to big calves that show defined and strong muscle features, lacking an imbalanced leg contour.


There are three types of thick legs: accumulated fat, muscular, and combined. Each type has a unique cause and requires different treatment methods. The most common type is combined, which is more complex to treat than accumulated fat or muscular alone.

Accumulated fat typed thick legs (elephant legs)

Thick calves are caused by a buildup of fat under the skin and muscles. This can make the body look chubby. Overweight individuals commonly have elephant legs.

Muscular typed thick legs

Overused calf muscles often lead to thick legs. Losing fat from thick legs is easier than reducing muscle, which can’t be completely removed.

Combined typed (fat and muscular) thick legs

This is a common leg issue where excess fat and strong calf muscles combine, often with swelling. The calf may feel hard or firm when touched, but it’s actually due to prolonged inactivity causing fat buildup and hardening.

Which type of thick legs are you?

Having thick thighs usually indicated that you have fat accumulated typed thick legs;

For thick calves, you can pinch the calves to evaluate; the more you can pinch, the thicker of the subcutaneous fat you have. If it feels soft and can be pinched easily without any feeling of pain/swelling, it means the area you pinched is fat tissue. If it feels hard and only a little skin can be pinched with a feeling of pain/swelling, it means the area you pinched is a muscle.


1. Abnormal secretion of estrogen

Excess estrogen can lead to fat accumulation in the thighs and butt. Irregular eating, contraceptive use, and menstruation can cause this hormonal imbalance. Prolonged hormonal imbalance can result in further fat accumulation in these areas.

2. Bad sitting posture

Crossing your legs can hurt circulation, cause leg swelling and stiffness, and worsen varicose veins. Do leg stretches regularly to improve blood flow and prevent these problems.

3. Sedentary lifestyle

Sitting for extended periods can disrupt lymph circulation, cause edema, and contribute to weight gain in the lower body. It also compresses the abdomen, slows digestion, and leads to poor digestive performance, constipation, and abdominal and thigh fat accumulation.

4. Overeating

Eating too much can cause excess energy to turn into fat, especially if you don’t exercise enough. Legs are prone to accumulating stubborn fat.

5. Bad walking posture

Walking in heels can cause your calf muscles to develop more compared to walking in trainers, due to the constant contraction of the muscles to maintain posture.

6. Lack stretching exercises for legs

Not stretching legs can lead to contracted calf muscles. Regular leg stretches after exercise or standing/walking helps maintain healthy and attractive legs. Strong muscle groups may form if proper stretching habits are neglected.


Lipodissolve treatment is usually suggested for thighs slimming, and botulinum toxin injection for calves slimming.

Lipodissolve injection offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic, is a safe and effective way to reduce stubborn fat without surgery. It works by boosting fat metabolism and breaking down fat cells. It can also tighten and lift skin for a more youthful appearance.

How does Lipodissolve Injection work

The solution will be injected into the layer of fat. The solution’s ingredients break down fat cells and increase enzymes to help destroy them. The body removes the fat through the lymphatic system.


Who is it for

The leg slimming injection treatment offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic, uses a safe and effective solution containing type A botulinum toxin to work on muscles. This medical botulinum toxin was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1992.

How does Botulinum Toxin work

Botulinum toxin paralyses muscles by blocking nerve signals. Injecting it into the calves causes temporary muscle shrinkage, reducing the appearance of fatty legs and restoring slimmer legs.


Who is it for