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Double chin

Having a double chin can make you look heavier and less attractive, no matter how good you look. Even thin celebrities can struggle with it.

What is Double Chin

Double chin, also known as submental fat, is caused by excess fat under the chin and can be worsened by aging skin. This can distort facial profile, shorten the appearance of the neck, and impact self-esteem.


1. Poor Posture

Poor posture is a common cause of double chins. Sitting with a hunched back, constantly craning the neck forward, and using a high pillow can all contribute to the problem. Looking down at devices for extended periods also puts individuals at risk, as it squeezes the fat below the chin and can lead to the development of a double chin.

2. Poor Eating Habits

Your eating habits can lead to a double chin. If you don’t chew your food enough, your chin muscles can become weak and lose their elasticity.

3. Receding Chin

A weak chin causes the skin and tissue under the chin to move inward towards the body, forming a pile-up.

4. Fat on the Platysma Muscle

A primary cause of double chins is excess body fat. This fat is prone to storing in areas such as the chin, which can result in a double chin. This is often a sign of being overweight.

5. Loosen muscle and aged skin

As we age, our muscles and skin lose their firmness, causing gravity to create a double chin. Facial muscles, such as the ones for expression, around the mouth, and in the cheeks, contribute to this effect. Looser facial muscles can’t support or move the chin muscles properly, which leads to sagging chin muscles and a double chin.


This treatment reshapes the chin and improves jawline appearance using hyaluronic acid injections instead of surgery.

The Face Slimming Injection offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic, is a safe and effective treatment that works on muscles. It uses Type A botulinum toxin, which was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1992.

How does Botulinum Toxin work

Botulinum toxin can paralyze muscles by interrupting their nerve signals. Injecting the toxin into the platysma muscle on the neck can reduce its size and lessen the downward force it exerts, resulting in firmer and lifted skin on the neck.


Who is it for

Lipodissolve Injection, offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic is a safe and effective treatment for reducing local fat, including double chin, chubby face, arm, and leg. It boosts fat tissue metabolism, breaking down fat cells and tightening skin. It can be used to treat both upper and lower jaws, creating a defined jawline and removing stubborn chin fat.

How does Lipodissolve Injection work

Lipodissolve injections break down fat cells in the subcutaneous layer and increase lipase enzymes to aid the body in flushing out the fat via the lymphatic system.


Who is it for

Ultherapy offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic, is a non-surgical treatment that uses high-intensity ultrasound to rejuvenate the skin. It can tighten skin, increase elasticity, lift, reduce wrinkles, and even out pigmentation. It also helps reduce fat deposits, such as the double chin, and creates sharper facial contours.

How does Ultherapy work

Ultherapy uses precise ultrasonic energy to heat targeted areas of the skin, promoting tissue renewal and increasing collagen and elastic fiber. This results in tightened skin, reducing the appearance of a double chin.


Who is it for

Thread lift offered by Skinspire Laser&Skin Clinic, is a top-notch face lifting technique. It uses threads to lift the face by stimulating the dermis and producing collagen. This method helps prevent sagging, shapes the jawline and improves the double chin.

How does Thread Lift work

Thread lift treatment uses embedded threads to naturally lift sagging skin and create a more youthful appearance. The procedure can also define facial contours. Doctors will personalize a treatment plan for each client based on their needs and goals.


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