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Our Personal Health Management services offer a proactive approach to wellness and disease prevention.


Pregnant women are not suitable for either injection or lasers and should wait until after giving birth. For breastfeeding women, laser is generally safe, but they should discard the first feeding after the treatment. If numbing cream is used during the treatment, it is recommended to discard the milk produced during the first eight hours after the procedure. It’s best to express and store milk before the appointment to prepare for the baby. Injection therapy is also not recommended during breastfeeding, and it’s better to wait until after stopping breastfeeding.

If local hardening, pain, slight swelling, or pulsation occurs within 2-10 days after the procedure, these are normal reactions of the body to the injected hyaluronic acid, and there is no need to treat them as they will subside on their own. It is not necessary to compress or massage the treated area. As long as there is no change in the color of the area, such as turning black, it is considered safe.

Yes, we offer various non-surgical cosmetic enhancement options such as Botox, dermal fillers, lasers, chemical peels, facials, and more. These treatments can produce noticeable improvements with minimal to no downtime.

Yes, Skinspire Laser & Skin Clinic offers a free consultation and a free skin test. Please contact us for more information.